Facilities and Services


Our laboratories in CNSI 2211 and CNSI 2128 are equipped for experiments in radiochemistry or involving radioisotopes to develop new chemistry approaches and to develop technologies for production, purification, and quality control (QC) testing of labeled compounds that will ultimately be used for in vitro assays and in vivo studies.

SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE (PET tracer production, and radiochemistry development) under a Sales and Service agreement. Please visit our Crump Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Technology Center page for more details.

Mechanical Prototyping

Our laboratory in CNSI 2149 is equipped for a variety of mechanical design, precision machining, and prototyping activities.

SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE (machining and prototyping) under a Sales and Service agreement. Please visit our Crump Engineering and Prototyping Technology Center page for more details.

Micro/Nano Fabrication

Fabrication of micro- and nano-systems from polymer materials such as PDMS and PFPE is carried out in our Crump Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory. For specialized microfabrication needs, including photolithography, glass and silicon micromachining, and high precision characterization, we make extensive use of the state-of-the-art UCLA Nanoelectronics Research Facility (NanoLab) and the CNSI Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom (ISNC).

COLLABORATIONS WELCOME. If you are looking for a collaborator to fabricate PDMS microfluidic chips or other microdevices, please contact Prof. Michael van Dam.

Microfluidic and Systems Engineering

Our laboratory in CNSI 4310 is equipped for design, fabrication, and testing of microfluidic devices and world-to-chip interfaces. We work with mechanical, electrical and electronic, pneumatic, and fluidic systems as well as develop controls and software for automation.

Preclinical Imaging

We collaborate with the Crump Preclinical Imaging Technology Center to develop new technologies for tracer production and other aspects of preclinical imaging.

Analytical Chemistry and Materials Analysis

We make use of several on-campus facilities that provide analytical chemistry and materials analysis services: