During our group meeting time (Tuesdays 9am-11am),  we hold tutorial sessions on an occasional basis.  These are teaching-style presentations made by group members on various topics related to research projects in our lab.  These tutorials are open to all members of the Crump Institute and other attendees will be considered upon request.

Upcoming Tutorials

 DateTime Location Presenter Topic Outline

Past Tutorials

 DateTime Location Presenter Topic Outline
 2016-06-270900-11:00  CNSI 5230Ksenia Lisova Introduction to fluorine-18 radiochemistry and radiochemistry nomenclature
  • Challenges and general approaches in 18F-radiochemistry
  • Overview of different labeling methods
    • Nucleophilic fluorination
    • Electrophilic fluorination
    • Strategies for labeling biological molecules
  • Introduction to radiochemistry nomenclature, including recent recommendations
 2017-05-0209:00-11:00 CNSI 5230Jason JonesIntroduction to LabVIEW
  • Basic principles and architecture of LabVIEW
  • Program flow structures ("for" loops, "while" loops, sequences, case structures, state machines)
  • Data structures (arrays, ...)
  • Linking to DAQ with myDAQ
2017-04-1809:00-11:00CNSI 5230Noel S. HaIntroduction to photolithography and PDMS chip fabrication
  • Principles of photolithography
  • Mask design considerations (positive/negative resist, PDMS shrinkage)
  • Preparation of master molds
  • Preparing, molding, bonding, punching PDMS chips
  • Using PDMS as a mold material (why?, silanization)
  • Tips and tricks
2015-10-2110:00-11:00CNSI 5230 Shilin Cheung  Introduction to HPLC
  • HPLC operation
  • Scale (analytical vs semi-preparative)
  • Column types (reversed / normal phase)
  • Radio-HPLC
  • Understanding chromatograms
  • Injection and cleaning procedure