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Name and
Contact Info
Position(s) in the Lab Position Afterward Current Position
  Hikmat Assi Graduate Rotation Student (Pharmacology) Graduate Student (Pharmacology)  
 Iris Chen Yi-Chun "Iris" Chen Lab Manager and Staff Researcher Master's Student, Bioscience, Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences  
Shilin Cheung
Shilin Cheung Lab Volunteer;
Postdoctoral Scholar (Scholars Trained in Advanced Radiochemistry Technologies (START) Fellow)
Scientist (Chemist), Trace-Ability, Inc. same
  Inyoung Choi Undergraduate Student (Bioengineering)  
  Shane Claggett Postdoctoral Scholar (NIBIB Research Training in Biomedical Physics Fellow)  
 Yuliang Deng Yuliang "Tom" Deng Exchange Graduate Student (Wuhan University) Graduate Student, Department of Physics, Wuhan University, China

 Huijiang Ding Hui-Jiang "John" Ding Staff Researcher Staff Researcher, Julian Whitelegge lab, UCLA Staff Engineer, Ahmanson Translational Imaging Division, UCLA
 Mark Eddings Mark Eddings Postdoctoral Scholar Engineering Manager  
  Graciela Flores Staff Radiochemist Staff Radiochemist, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging  same
 Aaron FunkVisiting Assistant Project Scientist   
  Feng Guo Exchange student (Wuhan University) (co-advised by Kwang-Fu "Clifton" Shen) Graduate Student, Department of Physics, Wuhan University, China  
 Henry Herman Henry Herman Staff Electrical and Mechanical Engineer; Master's Student (Electrical Engineering) Hardware Engineer, Applesame 
 Roland HwangHigh-school Student   
  Jonathan Irribarren Undergraduate Student (Chemical Engineering)  
 Pei Yuin Keng Pei Yuin Keng Postdoctoral Scholar (Scholars in Oncologic Molecular Imaging Fellow; co-advised by Caius Radu) Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology, UCLA  
  Ye Seul Kim Undergraduate Student (Bioengineering)  
  Brent Kokubun Undergraduate Student (Bioengineering)  
 Andrew Kunihiro Andrew Kunihiro Undergraduate Student (Bioengineering) Master's Student, Nutrition Science, CSU Long Beach Graduate Student, Nutritional Sciences, University of Arizona
 Mark Lazari Mark S. Lazari Graduate Student (Bioengineering) Field Technical Support Specialist, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments  same
 Hyungbin Lee Lab VolunteerDental school 
  Vicent Liang Undergraduate Student (Chemical Engineering) Master's student, Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley Process Automation Engineer, Dow Chemical Company
 Hong-Dun Lin Hong Dun "Jospeh" Lin Postdoctoral Scholar  
 Kan Liu Kan Liu Postdoctoral Scholar (co-advised by Kwang-Fu "Clifton" Shen) Associate Professor, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Wuhan Textile University, China  same
 Stephen LiuGraduate Rotation Student (Physics and Biology in Medicine)   
  Qi Lu Undergraduate Student (Bioengineering)  
 Jimmy LyGraduate Student (Bioengineering)                    Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Calfironia, San Francisco (Shuvo Roy lab)    same
  Sammy Ly Lab Volunteer  
 Xiaoxiao Ma Xiaoxiao "Helen" Ma
Webpage (LinkedIn)
Postdoctoral Scholar; Graduate Student (Pharmacology) Senior Engineer, Illumina  
  Kabir Mahal Undergraduate Student (Bioengineering)  
  Brandon Maraglia Staff Mechanical Engineer; Visiting Assistant Project Scientist Senior Mechanical Engineer, Sofie Biosciences, Inc. Director, Product Development, Sofie Biosciences, Inc.
  Federica Morgia Undergraduate Student (Chemistry) Graduate Student, New York University  same
  Yavuz Nuri-Ertas Graduate Rotation Student (Biomedical Engineering) Graduate Student (Biomedical Engineering)  
  Jen-Tzu "Steven" Pan Staff Researcher; Undergraduate Student (Biochemistry/Statistics) Pharmacy Student  
  Ei Mon Phyu Undergraduate  Student (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)  
 Max PutintsevLab Volunteer  
  Kevin Quinn Staff Researcher
 Natasha ReevesVisiting Assistant Project Scientist   
  Gilda Sabet Lab Volunteer Master's Student, Electrical Engineering, CSU Fullerton Electrical Engineer, FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.
 Saman Sadeghi Saman Sadeghi Postdoctoral Scholar Assistant Professor in Residence, Department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology, UCLA same 
  Andres Saucedo Graduate Rotation Student (Biomedical Physics) Graduate Student (Biomedical Physics)  
Maxim Sergeev
Maxim SergeevLab Volunteer;
Postdoctoral Scholar (Scholars Trained in Advanced Radiochemistry Technologies (START) Fellow)
Radiochemist, University Hospitals Case Medical Center same
 Gaurav Shah Gaurav Shah Visiting Scientist (Sofie Biosciences, Inc.);
Postdoctoral Scholar
Director, Radiochemistry Systems, Sofie Biosciences, Inc.  
 Megha SrivastavaHigh-school Student   
  Andrew Surmak Graduate Rotation Student (Biomedical Physics) Graduate Student (Biomedical Physics)  
Uday Tata Uday Tata
Webpage (LinkedIn)
Postdoctoral Scholar PTD Module and Integration Yield Engineer, Intel Corporation  same
Wei-Yu Tseng
Wei-Yu "Tim" Tseng
Webpage (LinkedIn)
Postdoctoral Scholar Research Project Engineer, Evidia Biosciences System Engineer, Natera
  Jesus Vargas Undergraduate Student (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)  
  Christopher Wang, Jr. Undergraduate Student (Chemistry)  
 Dirk Williams Dirk Williams Staff Machinist Staff Machinist, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging

 Darin Williams Darin Williams Staff Machinist and Cyclotron Engineer Cyclotron Engineer, Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center, UCLA  same

  Suh "Sharon" Woo Undergraduate Student  
  Curtis Wu Undergraduate Student Pharmacy Student 
Chiyun Xia
Chiyun "Matthew" Xia Postdoctoral Scholar Sr. Servo Control Engineer, Servo Engineering Development, Seagate  
 Anqi Yang Anqi Yang Graduate Student (Pharmacology); Graduate Rotation Student (ACCESS) Graduate Student (Computer Science)

  Xiang Yin Graduate Rotation Student (Pharmacology) Graduate Student (Pharmacology)
  Shuang Zhang Undergarduate Student (Chemical Engineering)  

Former Group Photos

Group Photo 20160304
Group Photo, March 4, 2016
(Back row, left to right: R. Michael van Dam, Kelly Mun-Ming Fong, Ksenia Lisova, Jia Wang, Jason Jones, Seunghyun "Noel" Ha;
Front row, left to right: Philip Chao, Maxim Sergeev)

Group Photo 2014-12-17

Group Photo, December 17, 2014
(Left to right: Jia Wang, Philip Chao,  Xiaoxiao "Helen" Ma, Jonathan Irribarren, R. Michael van Dam,
Maxim Sergeev, Shilin Cheung, Mark Lazari, Jimmy Ly, Seunghyun "Noel" Ha)

Group Photo 2014-12-17

Group Photo 2014-12-17
(Outer left to right: Shilin Cheung, Seunghyun "Noel" Ha, Philip Chao, Jimmy Ly, R. Michael van Dam, Maxim Sergeev,
Christopher Wang, Jonathan Irribarren; Inner left to right: Xiaoxiao "Helen" Ma, Jia Wang, Mark Lazari)

Group Photo 2009-02-18

Group Photo 2009-02-18
(Left to right: Yuliang "Tom" Deng, R. Michael van Dam, Kwang-Fu "Clifton" Shen, Darin A. Williams,
Huijiang "John" Ding, Dirk A. Williams, Yi-Chun "Iris" Chen, Jimmy Ly, Mark Eddings, Kan Liu, Feng Guo)