Crump Mechanical Prototyping Lab


The Crump Engineering and Prototyping Technology Center is located in Room 2149 of the Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging in the CNSI building. This facility houses a well-equipped machine shop, including state-of-the-art CNC equipment and CAD/programming workstations.


  • Prof. Michael van Dam, Director
  • Philip Chao, Lab and Safety Manager (graduate student)

Services available

Machine-shop access

The machine-shop can be accessed on a fee for use basis to individuals who pass appropriate training and qualification. At the present time, we do not provide training on the use of equipment in the shop; access will only be granted for individuals who are already expert in the use of the machines. For access, please contact Prof. Michael van Dam.

Prototyping and design

We currently do not have dedicated staff available for consultation, but in the future we hope to provide assistance on mechanical aspects of prototyping projects, including all phases from conceptual design, CAD design, CNC programming, CNC machining, manual machining, finishing/deburring, inspection, assembly, and mechanical testing.


  • CNC mill (Office Mill OM-2A, Haas)
  • CNC lathe (Haas Precision Collet Lathe HPCL, Haas)
  • Manual mill (Bridgeport)
  • Vertical band saw (6Y942E, Dayton)
  • Horizontal saw (4Y630A, Dayton)
  • Grinder
  • Belt sander
  • Drill press
  • Dremel tool
  • Power drill
  • There is also a selection of drills, endmills, taps, sandpaper, etc.

CNC Mill (Haas)

Haas CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe (Haas)

Bridgeport Mill

Manual mill (Bridgeport)

Vertical and Horizontal Band Saws

Vertical and horizontal band saws

Belt Sanders

Belt sanders

Inspection station

Inspection station