Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies

Overview of START program

Course Description:

This course will cover advanced concepts in the chemistry of radiopharmaceuticals and technologies for radiopharmaceutical production and analysis. Areas of focus will be:

  1. radiochemistry with fluorine-18 and other isotopes
  2. technologies for synthesis automation and optimization
  3. analytical instrumentation and tools in radiochemistry
  4. PET tracer design and development

Students will be introduced to the multistep process of biological target identification, tracer design, radiosynthesis development, in vitro and in vivo tracer evaluation, radiochemistry automation for routine production, and preparation of clinical grade doses (as a prerequisite for clinical translation of novel molecular imaging tracers). Lectures covering fundamentals will be complemented with practical sessions that provide hands-on training with technologies and methods used in routine synthesis, synthesis optimization, analysis (and QC testing), and in vitro and in vivo evaluation of PET probes.


Students must have completed EH&S New Radiation Worker Qualification prior to the start of the course. Enrollment in radiation monitoring badge program is recommended; if you are not enrolled, please contact the instructor who can arrange temporary monitoring. Completion of PBMED 248 “Introduction to Molecular Imaging” is strongly recommended.

Schedule and Syllabus (2017/2018 - Fall Quarter)

  • Schedule: Wed and Fri 1:00 - 2:50 pm
  • Location: CHS BL-420 (lectures) and various locations for labs
  • Instructors: R. Michael van Dam, Saman Sadeghi, Jennifer Murphy, Pei Yuin Keng, Jason T. Lee, Arion Hadjioannou, Jeffrey Collins
PBMED 268 - Fall 2017-2018

Course Materials (2017/2018 - Fall Quarter)